We are the family behind Best Animal Shelter.  We live near Morgantown, WV where we enjoy living on a small farm, rescuing all sorts of animals, stockpiling our pantry with the use of coupons, baking from scratch and more recently, riding motorcycles.

I have been rescuing animals ever since I can remember! I can remember one time in grade school, 4th grade I think when a pregnant dog came to our playground. This dog had no collar and was so hungry. I gave her my lunch and talked to her while everyone else was playing tag, going down the slide and having fun. When the bell rang, we went inside to continue our classes. Three hours went by, and it was finally time to go home. When I went outside, there was that dog! I lived several miles away, so walking home with the dog was not going to happen. I remember crying and feeling helpless because I didn’t want to leave her there alone and hungry.

I had a brilliant idea! Pets were NOT allowed on the bus, but if I could keep her quite?! She was petite, so I put her in my big gym bag, and when the bus pulled up, we got on! I sat clear in the back for fear of her making any noise and getting caught! I kept my hand in the bag all the way home, petting her so she wouldn’t be afraid.  We made it all the way home, without being caught (and ultimately suspended)

When Mom and Dad got home, I showed them what I had brought home. They were not as passionate about saving animals as I was. Finally, they gave in, and we kept her.  I cared for her, and when her pups were born, it was my responsibility to find homes for each of them, which I did.  I worked the summer mowing lawns to earn enough money to take her to the vet to get spayed and vaccinated.

I have rescued many, many animals since then. I call our small farm “Orphan Acres.” Our farm has become a sanctuary for cats, dogs, pigs, a miniature horse, a raccoon, turkeys, ducks, chickens and even a baby mouse!

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